Admin Team

The role of the Admin officer is to support the Station Manager in the day to day running of the organisation.
    They will be in charge of organising the new volunteers application forms and arranging a convenient time for the first and further interview/ meetings.
    The Admin officer will also be directly responsible for the training and supervision of the volunteering admin assistance members of the organisation.
   The role could include contact with students who maybe looking to work with in the media field including training, supporting and such like from time to time.
  This is currently a voluntary role with in the organisation, this position is held by Ravi as she has many of the required skills such as working part time as a primary school teacher, full time mum and even has her own weekly show on Hayes FM these are great skills and she is able and willing to pass these onto new volunteers and/or students alike to help their development and future in the industry.
  Admin Assistance is a voluntary role and can be part time to help build your local community radio station presence with in the community. The right candidate(s) will be supporting the Admin Officer in his/hers role with in the organisation.
   This role will not involve direct contact or training of the media student or with the technical or presenting side of the organisation but further training can be given if there is an opening and if the right applicant(s) wish to further there knowledge and commitment to the organisation.