Andrew Stone

Andrew has always been nosey. So when, as a schoolboy, he was looking for a career to follow, journalism seemed an obvious choice as it allows you to ask questions that can’t asked in polite conversations. But he has also always enjoyed listening to the radio and the idea of working in that very special media really appealed to him.
He was 17 when carried out his first journalist interview for a BBC radio station – and he loved it! It was start of his experiences of working in broadcasting and written journalism which has led to him presenting radio shows, covering significant international events as a journalist and working as a magazine editor.
When he moved to Hayes and discovered the area had its own community radio station, he had to get involved!
Andrew presents his show from 1 o’clock every Friday afternoon and includes news of the different events that are going on in the community over the weekend and into the next week. 
From coffee mornings, kids clubs and tea dances, through to the professional productions at the local theatres, it’s all covered in the two hours – plus there’s music from today and across the decades that’s upbeat enough to help you through the final few hours of the working week before the weekend arrives.

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