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Try out our new Amazon Alexa Skill to make it easier to play our live stream

DOWNLOAD OUR AMAZON ALEXA SKILL TODAY…Are you a big fan of 91.8 Hayes FM and use you Amazon Alexa device to listen to our station?  Do you find at times asking Alexa to play Hayes FM she sometimes play another station instead?   Well we have fixed this…We have built an Amazon Alexa Skill for you to enable on your Amazon Alexa App under Skill, just search for Hayes FM and enable it and then just say “Alexa Launch Hayes FM” No more fuss just quick and easy.  DOWNLOAD OUR AMAZON ALEXA SKILL TODAY

Step 1 Open Alexa App on your phone and click Skills and Games

Step 2  Click the search magnifier glass symbol at the top right hand side of the screen and type Hayes FM

Step 3  A list of results will show and Hayes FM is one of them click the Hayes FM Skill

Step 4  You are now on the Hayes FM Amazon Alexa Skill Page you will see ENABLE TO USE Click Enable and you can from now on ask “Alexa Launch Hayes FM” 

You can now read more information about the guest that are being interviews on our event page.  Visit our events page here 

you can also email the presenter with question you might have prior to the event.

To get involved with the show today please tweet us using #hayesfm2020 or email us any questions at studio@hayesfm.org.uk you can also chat to us on our Hayes FM Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/91.8hayesfmofficial/  Thank you.

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