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Following the approval of the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, the local NHS is gearing up to deliver the promised mass vaccination programme. It has confirmed that as well as GP surgeries there, will be community centre in Hayes. The venue has still not been announced but they are looking to recruit volunteer marshals to help manage the flow of people. The centre will be open between 8 am and 8 pm seven days a week and there will be two-hour shifts. To find out more about what is involved CLICK HERE


Hillingdon Neighbourhood Watch has issued a warning to beware of false calls or texts about appointments to have a vaccination. The NHS will contact you when it is your turn. Click here to see the official NHS web site on the process that will be followed. To reduce the chances of being caught out remember that the NHS will:
Never ask you to press a button on your telephone or mobile keypad
Never send a text asking you to confirm that you want the vaccine.
Never ask for payment for the vaccine
Never ask for for your bank details to confirm your identity

To stop others being scammed, you can forward any scam texts to 7726, and then send a message to 7726 detailing the number that you received the text from.

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Why are so many shops open?

Residents are asking why so many shops in Hayes Town Centre are still open when Tier 4 restrictions say all non-essential businesses should be closed. A number of Hayes Councillors have been asking the Council the same question and pressing for a systematic inspection.

The list of shops that should be closed can be seen by clicking here. All barbers, hairdressers, nail bars, and beauty parlours should be closed but there have been one or two reports of secret haircuts being done behind shaded windows.

Phone shops can stay open if they offer repairs, click and collect services or money transfer but there are question marks about how much of this applies to the many phone providers in the Town Centre. An early Council inspection would help clarify things.


Are you Brexit ready?

Brexit finally happened in a practical sense on 1 January when all the new rules and regulations came into place for the UK as a non-European Union country. The Government has produced a handy guide on what it means if you want to go abroad or do business with a company in Europe. Click here to find out. 


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