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55 people fined for dumping rubbish

Hillingdon Council’s Cleansing and Anti-social Behaviour Teams have nabbed a total of 55 people for dumping rubbish in the street. They have each received a £400 fixed penalty notice.

It took place between 17 and 22 August and involved officers identifying dumpers from the
contents of the bags and the names and addresses are shown on cardboard boxes and packaging.

To find out Council arrangements for waste and recycling and to report dumping click
onto hillingdon.gov.uk.

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Hot food stall turned down

The application for a license to run a hot food stall outside the Cancer Research shop in
Coldharbour Lane has been rejected by Hillingdon Council.

There was strong opposition from the Hayes Town Business Forum and local Councillors
on the grounds that it would become a focal point for anti-social behavior
and was unfair competition for takeaways that have to pay the full costs of running
a shop.

The Forum’s petition gathered 528 signatures.

Open House will be open on 19 & 20 September

With so many events canceled and buildings closed it is good to hear that the annual
Open House weekend is still on – but with social distancing measures in place, of course.

It will be on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September and is a wonderful opportunity to see inside over
800 places in London that you might never see. There are three iconic venues close to Hayes that
are really worth a visit – Click HERE for details.


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Hillingdon Hospital NHS Trust has made a commitment to reverse its business activity related to environmental impact. Since May this year, the Trust has adopted a zero waste to landfill strategy and changed its domestic waste service contracts to reflect this. Non-recyclable waste is sent to energy recovery. 

The reasoning behind the change is that unsightly buried rubbish can remain for decades and is associated with problems such as toxins and harmful gases. The Waste Framework Directive aims to prevent the amount of waste generated and improve recycling. The hospital prefers to incinerate non-recyclables turning them into energy rather than contribute to landfills. 

The Trust has a successful recycling service in place for more waste items. They are also enhancing recycling resulting in a 98% carbon emission reduction adding 200,100 Kwh to the national grid (sufficient to power 55 UK households for 1 year). 



Cranford Park in Hillingdon’s restoration project has been awarded a contribution of £2.28m by the National Lottery Heritage Fund and the organization’s Community Fund. 

The sum allocated will allow essential repairs to be made to the park’s historic stables, garden walls, and landscape. New visitor facilities are being introduced including opening the cellars, a new café, regeneration of cycling and walking trails, a play area, a football pitch, and accessible car parking. An orchard, woodland, and meadows will be improved. 

The work is supported by Cranford Park Friends who help run events and maintain the park. 



Legal proceedings involving Hillingdon Council and the developers of the HS2 rail line extension were recently resolved at the Court of Appeal in favour of the Council.  

The Council had refused the company’s application for works to be undertaken on a site in the borough of archaeological importance. HS2 Ltd refused to provide information that the council requested to help them make a decision. An earlier High Court ruling allowed HS2 to provide only ‘necessary assurances’ that the archaeological integrity of the site would be maintained and investigations undertaken in future by the company.  

The appeal court ruled the company had to provide sufficient information to the council. It was not the intention of the legislation that the company be the judge in its own cause by stipulating that it would carry out its own investigation. 

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