Mansur Ahmead

I am Mansur, your host every Monday from 6-8pm with the “Love for All – Hatred for None” show. 

I am one of the young Imam’s in the UK and have studied comparative religions and modern languages at Jamia Ahmadiyya (2005-2012)

After some work experience in Africa and Germany I am now serving as the Imam of the Baitul Amn Mosque on Royal Lane, in Hillingdon and Darus Salam Mosque in Southall. I have a keen interest in interfaith dialogue and am trying to build bridges between our various communities. I believe that the world stands in great need of peace and for this we need to knock down the barriers of fear and misconceptions that divide us. 

Tune in to learn more about the positive role faith communities in West London are playing in our society. 

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