Welcome to my home here at 91.8 Hayes FM

So thank you for taking a look at my page here at 91.8 Hayes FM, this is a hobby for me and it is a voluntary position that enables present my shows either from the studio or from my home.

I have always been interested in Music & Radio and enjoy this very much, i have worked in radio on may internet stations and once before here at 91.8 Hayes FM, They just couldn’t keep me away.

so below is some more information about me and things I like to do in my spare time.


How long have you been into music?



I have always been interested in music since a young age, I first realised i liked music when I was 13 years old and collected lots of music players such as tape and record players and was going out at weekends doing mobile disco’s at friends or families homes and of course when my parents were able to drive me there too.


What types of jobs have you had in the past?



Well I have had many jobs and from DJ’ing to working in Waitrose, Natwest then working for United Artists to Nynex and then Connex South Central on the Railways, where I became a station announcer at East Croydon & Streatham Hill Railways Stations.

Its funny most of my life i have been behind a microphone in one way or another.


Do you have any hobbies?


Yes, quite a few to mention, but I guess my main hobby is photography.

I love to get out with my camera and take lots of photos, subjects i cover are portraits, landscapes and about anything really.   Here is a link to my Instagram where you can see all my photos.

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