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Having been in the fitness industry for many years I always felt there was something missing in the way traditional Personal Training and Group Exercise is offered.

The client comes in with a ‘problem’ i.e weight loss, we facilitate them to achieve this goal, they lose weight, they believed they’d be happy once the weight loss was achieved, only the real issue lies beneath.

Really they wanted to find love, they felt lonely and they had limiting beliefs that they were not good enough, so their goal of obtaining a certain aesthetic was actually to hide to the outside world how unhappy they were deep-down.

I found myself, as I battled with an Eating Disorder, Body Image and self worth for many years, my goal was to be stronger mentally, I thought if I made my body stronger, if I became a body builder, the trophies, the likes on social media, the external validation would make me a worthy person.

Unconsciously I had trauma to overcome. I find Mindset to be the key to helping people really achieve their goals, gaining confidence in all areas and living life to the full. I found podcasts and books really helped me on my journey and so now I want to share that with you over the radio.

So each week I give a voice to those thoughts in your head. Listen in to my guests who have been where you are..just like I have. Because when I  was suffering I thought I was alone. This is why my guests are carefully selected to inspire and motivate you to change your life.

Whether you are suffering from depression, body image issues, or just need some positive encouragement to get down the gym. My show will help you.


What Made Me Get Into Radio & Places Previously Worked

I wanted to get on the radio to speak to a wide audience and help more people. For most of my life my voice was suppressed and I now find my own strength by being vulnerability and sharing my truth and my guests bravely and selflessly do the same. 

Whats My Favorite Music and why

I like all music. As a fitness professional I obvs like motivating tunes such as DnB but I also like chill out to meditate to or some old school 80s tracks for a long drive and a sing along. Most recently my partner has introduced me to Metal which I never knew I’d like. So I’m open to everything. 

About My Show

My show is mostly Interviews with local professionals or people at home with an inspiring story that will help someone at home to change their life. 
Each show is made into a podcast for easy finding what you need.
 & Places


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The Waishee Radio hosted by Nicola Chan

Tuesday 28th February 2020 Talking with Keely Taverner from Key For Change

The Waishee Radio Show hosted by Nicola Chan

Tuesday 4th February 2020  1pm to 3pm Today the Presenter for Waishee Radio Show Nicola Chan will be join on the show with Matt Lovett from APS Fitness more information can be found at their website

The Wai Shee Radio Show hosted by Nicola Chan

Tuesday 11th February 2020  1-3pm Special Guest from School of Strut head mistress Zoe McNulty
She shares her Body Positive journey,

The Waishee Radio Show hosted by Nicola Chan

18th February 2020 with Guests Leanne & Sam from “StrongHer”

The Waishee Radio Show hosted by Nicola Chan

 Tuesday, 25th
February 2020 , Special Guest Neusa Catoja 
Facebook or you can find
Neusa on Instagram iamneusacatoja or free2embraceme.

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