Presenter/Volunteer Job Description

91.8 Hayes FM is a charity-based community radio station that relies on people giving up their time and skills in the form of volunteers.

If you volunteer for the following positions  (Management, Presenters, Technical, Production, Events, Advertising,  Administration, or Work Experience) within 91.8 Hayes FM, you are giving the station valuable time and skills to help the station grow as a community radio station.

Becoming a volunteer outside of presenting is just as important as it is for those who broadcast shows, every position is just as important as the next and we all work in a great team to make Hayes FM the station it is today.

Volunteers are asked when applying how many hours each week that they are prepared to work unpaid at the station, we are made up of a team of volunteers.

Most volunteers will gain great experince from others at the station whilst new volunteers will add experience to the station and others and we hope that all volunteers are happy in the positions they have chosen.

We encourage others to try new things should they wish to and support them in any way that the station can and give them training if they need or the position requires it.

We do require at least a day’s notice should the volunteer need to be away from any normal hours that they had signed up to when they applied for the position of Hayes FM.

All positions are voluntary with no payment in exchange for any work carried out at the station,  We do not pay any expenses to any person who is volunteering their time at Hayes FM.

We do have terms and conditions that every person volunteering their time will have to agree on before being offered a voluntary placement at Hayes FM and we monitor all applicant’s progress and development during their time working with us.



This Role is for a presenter/volunteer so if you can volunteer a couple of hours a week to research, produce and record so
original material and can meet the station requirements and the current format then this is for you.

You will be required to have a nice on-air voice, be able to learn new ways of carrying out the task, and able to adapt to
any sudden changes there may be to achieve a good original show for the station.

Training will be provided for you to met these standards on the station.

If this is you then please get in contact with us today.