Head Of Production Job Description

The Head of Production for radio broadcasting manages all aspects of radio programming, including content, on-air talent/volunteers Presenters. This position has a thorough knowledge of everything to do with the radio regulators (Ofcom) rules and regulations, company policies, and applicable legal, license policies, and local laws.
Production directors must continually monitor and evaluate music and programs selected for their radio stations, making changes as needed.

This role reports to the Station Manager on a constant basis, The role is to make sure that the station is always kept up to date with the current happenings within the media industry.

To keep the station presenters and new volunteers within the guidelines of the station output. Also to ensure any third-party material is edited and produced to the station’s current output and the station’s objectives.

This position for Head Of the production is currently allocated to Nick London For Hayes FM.


Nick London has been with Hayes Fm from the start and is currently the Head of Production here at Hayes FM.
His role is to come up with new ideas that keep Hayes FM one step ahead of the others, to keep the sound of the station fresh for you the listeners, and much much more, he currently does voiceovers and other production work outside of the organisation as his work with us is all done voluntary but he is a huge contributor to the organisation.
This role could be extended to provide the media students some insight and/or training into the production of adverts, voice-overs, and the use of sound effects on the item(s) in the future.