Station Manager Job Description

This Role is to look after the day-to-day running of the station and it is the first point of contact. The station Manager
looks after the staff, training, and any paperwork for the new volunteers that passes through our doors.

The role is to ensure that the station continues to work within any guidelines, commitments, and third parties that are
currently working with or associated with the station.

The role is designed to make sure that the station has and will continue to meet its objectives.

This role requires good communication skills to keep the Director, Trustees, and any third parties up to date.

Currently, this role is allocated to Andrew Stevens as the Station Manager for 91.8 Hayes FM.


I am Andrew Stevens and I have been in the role as Station Manager since 2014, looking after the station as a whole and the day to day duties, overseeing the recruitment and any issue that arise with our volunteer’s and keeping the station in alinement with the terms and conditions of our Ofcom license.

I would say that I am an easy-going and fair person and class myself as a member of the Hayes FM team rather than the Boss!

I like to have a smooth running station and we all do this by helping each other out, I am very proud of the station and the team that we have to make it the station we have achieved so far.