Web Manager’s Job Description

Web Manager’s position manages all of 91.8 Hayes FM, web pages, sites, and applications. They coordinate the design, development, deployment, and maintenance of 91.8 Hayes FM’s online presence. They are responsible for web developers and graphic artists that work in their department. They oversee all aspects of creating our website.

Web Managers are an important part of the station they work with communication, sales, marketing, or advertising departments within Hayes FM concerning content posted, viewed, or pulled from the website. They ensure that information posted on the website is credible, correct, and up to date. They also ensure that if the website allows the transfer of information from and to users that can access this information.

Being a team player is a very important aspect of this position as you will be working across and with the whole radio station staff to maintain the correct information being viewed at the station’s website.

The Web Manager’s position at 91.8 Hayes FM is looked after by Marc Ciccone and Ray Pearce.


This position is very crucial to the station’s presence as this is normally the first thing you see when you visit the station’s website, it has to always be maintain correctly, to be kept updated with all the changes that happen within the station on a daily basis.

Creating art and graphics for the station, coding of HTML, CSS, Javascripting, and knowledge of database is required in this position.

The Web Manager’s job is never straight forward with 90% of the time constantly trying to find errors or gremlins within the system that occur.

It is a very rewarding role as you always see the content that is being displayed out the station visitors, always creating and keeping the station vibrant, exciting and current, and always thinking outside the box to develop interesting things. Every day is never the same as each day brings its own unique chanllenges.