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Here are some of our interviews from the shows on Hayes FM, we hope that you will enjoy listening back or if you have missed these interviews you can listen again.re are

Waishee Radio Show 28th January 2020

Waishee Radio Show 4th February 2020

Waishee Radio Show 11th February 2020

Black Connexions Osibisa Interview 16th February 2020

The Waishee Radio Show 18th February 2020 – StrongHer

The Waishee Radio Show – 25th February 2020 – Neusa Catoja

The Hughie Dixon Show 

Tuesday 25th March 202 8pm to 10pm

**** THIS IS A REPLAY SHOW**** This is a replay of The Hughie Dixon Show that was broadcast on the 25th February 2020 from 8-10pm hosted by Hughie Dixon This week Hughie will be speaking with his guest Nick Graham, Nick will also be performing some of his songs live too.. Welcome to 91.8 Hayes FM Broadcast Shows